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creative exit and growth strategies that help businesses sell and grow faster

Who Does Shi Work With?

Small Business Owners

Any business. Any condition. Partner with Shi to help you uncover creative exit strategies for your business.

Growth Partners

Connect with us if you have a business, assets, expertise or capital that you're interested in growing.


Working with brokers to help get those new, old, or expired listings off of the market.


Just inherited a business but not interested in running the business? Let's talk about your options.​


Have a built out or fully equipped location that's in need of a new business? We may have an answer.


Solutions for liquidators and insolvency practitioners with assets from businesses that have closed.

Shi Acquisitions LLC

We will never say “it’s not personal, it’s business”. No matter what anyone says, every business decision has personal impacts. Therefore our ultimate purpose is to reconnect economics with morality. Shi Acquisitions will continue to buy, grow, and sell businesses while keeping integrity close.