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We will never say “it’s not personal, it’s business”. No matter what anyone says, every business decision has personal impacts. Therefore our ultimate purpose is to reconnect economics with morality. Shi Hawthorne and her team will continue to buy and grow businesses while keeping integrity close.

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We receive a lot of amazing questions but that doesn’t mean the team and I  won’t work hard to get back to you within 24-48 hours.



    Top 10 Critical Competencies of Great Leaders

    "Great leaders share many common traits. Though criteria for leadership in the workplace can vary from company to company, the majority of effective leaders exemplify certain skills...."

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    A Winning Formula for Developing Internal Talent

    "Years ago, a successful career usually meant achieving upward mobility. Ambitious employees climbed the corporate ladder to reach management positions. Today, fulfilling career..."

    The Hangen Game Shi Acquisitions

    The Hangen Game

    "Sometimes there’s no way around it. Sometimes the economic conditions make it urgent. Sometimes senior management is simply demanding efficiencies."