Who Is Shi Hawthorne?

Shi Hawthorne...

is a mergers and acquisitions professional that specializes in buying and growing small to medium-sized businesses. We buy from business owners who are ready to sell and partner with shareholders, experts, or investors who are anxious to grow.

Every deal is different. Every business is different. With innumerable ways to buy, grow, or sell a business Shi and her team collaborates best with those who are prepared to lead with ingenuity using creative exit and growth strategies.

Shi works hard to ensure that all parties (including employees and customers) involved in the business buying process are taken care of pre and post-sale. 

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Who Does Shi Acquisitions Work With?

Business Owners

Sell your distressed or profitable business directly to us to avoid listing, commission, and broker fees.

Growth Partners

Connect with us if you have a business, assets, expertise, or capital that you're interested in growing.


Working with intermediaries to help get those old or expired listings off the market.


Just inherited a business but not interested in running the business? Let's talk about your options.​


Have a built out or fully equipped location that's in need of a new business? We may have an answer.


Solutions for liquidators and insolvency practitioners with assets from businesses that have closed.

Shi Acquisitions LLC

With the application of good governance, it is our mission to be the safest pair of hands that business owners can pass their companies on to. By selling directly to us and working collaboratively we eliminate many unnecessary hurdles, delays, and fees that typically come with selling a business.